Alice Phoebe Lou – Momentum EP (digital download incl. printable artwork)


Momentum EP download includes 8 high quality mp3's, hand-written lyrics, print-ready front and back cover and 2 panoramic photographs.

SKU: 1993


Momentum is a collaborative EP; each of the 8 songs epitomising a unique musical interaction between myself and gifted friends of mine from all corners of the earth. It has 5 different producers and was recorded in both Berlin and South Africa. The songs themselves are about many things; the exhilaration and difficulties in my nomadic lifestyle, my idealistic and anarchistic views about the world and the human condition, my observations of the people I meet along my journeys and trials of the heart. I strive for my lyrics to strike a chord in people of any culture or age and for them to be relatable and sometimes even inspire change.