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for this one, I steered away from any pressure of perfection.
I played the songs in a state of open vulnerability, as though sharing something with a close friend in my living room.
intimate, one take, solo performances, recorded in my favourite cosy berlin studio.
you’ll hear some old songs of mine, a few fresh ones and some that I never thought I’d play for anyone.
thank you for supporting me, making my next full length album possible.

1. drive by (3:44)
2. my outside (3:29)
3. haunt (3:31)
4. ocean (2:57)
5. the tiger & the dolphin (2:32)

6. mama (3:04)
7. lost in LA (2:26)
8. sun blues (3:26)
9. spit (1:50)

All songs written and performed by Alice Phoebe Lou Matthew.

– songs written and performed by Alice Phoebe Lou
– engineered by Sebastian Maschate
– recorded at Butterama Studio
– mixed by Hannes Bieger
– mastered by Calyx
– Cover by Imogen Price

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  1. Collin Schmitt

    I don’t even own a record player but Alice’s music is pure art and I want this vinyl to be part of my collection. Support Alice, support art.

  2. Ashleigh Wedlake

    Support your friends, art and music. Especially your friends music that is a pure piece of art! All the love and wishes. X

  3. alessandro.simonee (verified owner)

    I ordered today and I wish it will arrive as soon as possible. I bought the vinyl to hear Alice’s music in the best way and getting inspired for creating a fan video!

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