Alice Phoebe Lou with Matteo – Live at Grüner Salon (digital download incl. printable artwork)


Alice Phoebe Lou with Matteo – Live at Grüner Salon download includes 12 high quality mp3's and print-ready front and back cover.

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It’s hard to describe how incredible this year has been. I have had the pleasure of being supported and appreciated in my street performances in Berlin and had the privilege of playing shows across the world, from NYC to the West Bank. Each show has taught me so much and given me endless new ideas of how to use music to amplify ideas of positive change. At my EP release this year, I had my friend Matteo collaborate with me on a few songs. He has since become an invaluable part of my live performances. For my last show of the year I decided to capture the sound that we have grown together on stage. This is a moment in time and one I am proud of! All the support of this album will be going towards being able to create my independent debut album. Thank you and lots of love.


  1. Dale Gallagher

    Mesmerising, magical and beautifully written and performed. I discovered Alice’s music on YouTube. Listen there a while, then return here to support her – you’ll want to!

  2. Jannis (verified owner)

    Great music and thx for helping me with the download (had some trouble with my spam folder)! I absolutely recommend it!

  3. Aldo Bonaso (verified owner)

    I purchased this album in August, whilst I was working in Norway, and I have barely gone a day since without the urge to listen to it. Absolutely wonderful. Really one of my favourite albums at the moment and I can’t wait to hear more of her stuff in the near future! Her voice is an instrument and she plays it magnificently! Well worth the money, and I’m not usually one for live albums, but I have nothing but praise for this one. 10 out of 5

  4. JJ

    tracklist on the 2 albums please? thanks! 🙂

  5. Seyoung

    I would love to buy an album from Alice but it would be nice to know the tracks included in the album. 🙂 Can someone list the tracks?

  6. Liliam

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wringti!

  7. RMAU

    From busking to opening for The Lumineers, singer-songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou has the world at her street-smart feet.

  8. Don Mullikn

    Alice, is like a breath of fresh air, so original and amazing voice, her music is all her, she inspires your emotions and puts the beat in your heart. Mesmerized to the point that time slips away and all that matters if the music.

  9. ronjaheyer (verified owner)

    1.) Intro
    2.) Deep Blues Sea
    3.) Red
    4.) Rebel Rose
    5.) Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind
    6.) Society
    7.) Girl on an Island
    8.) Untitled
    9.) Grey
    10.) Heartbeat Repeat
    11.) The City Sleeps
    12.) Berlin Blues

    I miss “She”. but it’s a beautiful Album!

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