• New EP Sola

    01st of December 2017

  • New Album "Orbit"

    22nd of April 2016

  • New Album "Orbit"

    22nd of April 2016

Learn More About Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou's fiercely independent approach to her music has given the singer songwriter a creative confidence that shines through in her captivating vocals and stripped back music. Having developed her bluesy, folk sound busking on the streets of Berlin, Alice has caught the ears of a community of music lovers the world over with her honest storytelling and raw, beautiful voice.

Alice grew up on a mountainside in South Africa listening to her parent's records and indulging her love of theatre, arts and music at a local Waldorf school; a formative time that nurtured her independence and desire to experience music of all styles. This multi-faceted creative upbringing mixed with Alice's natural wanderlust and in 2010, 16-year-old Alice made her first journey to Europe during her summer break from school. Inspired by watching fire dancers in Paris, she began to perform likewise to get enough money to fund her travelling.

That summer Alice roamed between Paris and Amsterdam; experiencing the highs and lows of street performances' underbelly. This vagabond lifestyle was a creative inspiration and gave Alice an enduring taste for the immediacy of street crowds. After returning to South Africa to complete her studies, Alice's path led her back to Europe and she made her way to the German capital - Berlin. The freedom of the city was intoxicating and she immersed herself in the creative world there.

Alice began busking across Berlin with just her guitar, a small amplifier on a trolley and her mesmerising voice. Her natural talent and captivating delivery started to garner a cult street following with people coming to see her busk and buy her records. The uncompromising creative community of Berlin also helped Alice grow musically and she collaborated with acoustic, jazz and electronic musicians; including multi-instrumentalist Matteo who quickly became Alice's live performance companion. Soon Alice self-released her first body of work - the Momentum EP - her first collaborative effort recorded between Berlin and Cape Town with five different producers. Although by now interest was sparked with several major labels, Alice's desire to maintain the creative freedom she had fostered kept her focus on growing her digital community of loyal fans and imagining ever more interesting settings for her intimate live shows

Now having spent two years playing intimate gigs across Europe and South Africa, and supporting established like-minded artists like Rodriguez, 2016 will see Alice releasing her first full length studio album. Orbit comprises nine jazz-influenced, eclectic tracks recorded between Cape Town and Berlin that encapsulate the freshness of her live style, vagabond spirit and showcase her distinctive, soprano voice. Produced by Matteo and Kyson, the album is a testament to Alice's collaborative way of writing and features musicians from South Africa and Europe lending their musical skills and different visual artists producing art works to match each track. The result is an intricately woven pattern of soul, blues and jazz: scattered with retro, beatnik melodies; soothing vocal harmonies and sleazy brass flourishes.

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09 November 2018

Sticky Mikes (Brighton, UK)

10 November 2018

Rough Trade (Bristol, UK)

11 November 2018

Village Underground (London, UK)

15 November 2018

Sala Copérnico (Madrid, ES)

16 November 2018

Gente Sentada Festival (Braga, PT)

17 November 2018

MAC's Contemporary Culture Center (Coruña, ES)

18 November 2018

Cenizas en el Aire (Ourense, ES)

23 November 2018

Petit Bain (Paris, FR)

24 November 2018


26 November 2018

Knust (Hamburg, DE)

27 November 2018

Brotfabrik (Frankfurt, DE)

01 Dezember 2018

Funkhaus (Berlin DE)


of Alices latest shows - photographs or videos.

thanks budapest!
08th of May
cape town
07th of May
an outtake of a cover shoot
cape town
24th of May
playing in Barcelona
11th of May
London show
25 November 2017
London show.
25 November 2017
SA tour organisation is going strong.
10 November 2017
New solo EP by the end of Nov.
23 October 2017
amsterdam tonight, then heading home to cape town to play Rocking the Daisiess
01 October 2017
Homies vibes
09 August 2017
birthday princess
19 July 2017
had a lovely day in Prague
25 June 2017
had a great time in prague
26 June 20177
playing in gorli
04 May 2017
back in new york
25 April 2017
Hanging in mauerpark.
09 April 2017
Planetarium again!
20 March 2017
Hogsback, 2016 - 35mm
20 March 2017
at the Swan Dive !
15 March 2017
oh, berlin <3
21 February 2017
coming home soon !
25 January 2017
queen in my life.
Garbicz, Poland
luckiest kid alive
January 2017
Alice Phoebe Lou - Orbit (Live Session)
in January 2016
The Edge in the Mist. Hogsback.
05. February 2016
Live at Mauerpark
Supporting Rodriguez.
Thanks for all the beauty South Africa
Heartbeat Repeat
Directed by Lucas Fiederling
Very special solo show.
Ozora 2015.
Off to Joburg.
Photo: Gary Van Wyk